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Employed mainly in the production lines for food, cleaning and personal hygiene, the PET-PCR resin produced by Torrepet stems from PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate) that were used, discarded, collected and recycled by a technology internationally approved. From the bottle-to-bottle process, the recycled resin is restored with all the features of its virgin matter, attending to clients’ demands and manufacture’s good practices.

< 0.74 dl / g - Designed for the production of plates, films and fibers for the manufacture of textile yarns, ropes, carpets, etc.

0.80 ± 0.02 dl / g - Used in the manufacture of rigid and flexible packaging, mainly in the production of bottles for different segments.

> 0.82 dl / g - Used in the manufacture of packaging for products that require high resistance to bending strips and special packaging.