The Company Values

  • ► Technological Innovation:

    Torrepet operates in constant search for improvements and invests heavily to equip its industrial park with the very latest techniques and equipments. The technology is a key ally for the company’s success and its products.

  • ► Respect for Customers and Partners:

    With transparency, agility and hard work, Torrepet demonstrates its respect for customers, business partners and employees, that are fundamental to business success. This relationship provides a healthy exchange of experiences, views and knowledge, contributing actively and positively in all its processes.

  • ► Social and Environmental Responsibility:

    Willing to actively contribute to build a better future, Torrepet, together with all other VALGROUP’s companies, adopt practical measures to preserve nature and to prepare citizens.
    Click here to access the environmental and social projects of the Group.

  • ► Tradition and Expertise:

    Despite being a new company with high technology in its industrial park, Torrepet bets on VALGROUP’s tradition for over 30 years as a differential that, allied to the competence of its employees and processes, gives the company recognition among the customers and the market.